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Getting into the Voiceover Business in 2014

By Cammie Winston on 1/1/2014 , in category Blog
It's the first day of 2014 and part of my unofficial New Year's tradition is to look back at the previous year to help me come up with my plan for the new year. What did I like about the year?  Daily swims.  Long bike rides.  Day trips to the coast. A cross country trip to my home state of South Dakota in June. A trip to our favorite tropical  getaway, the Florida Keys, in July.  Getting together with friends and family on a regular basis, cooking great meals, baking homemade sourdough bread and trying new wines rounded out a very good year.  As far as what I didn't like, I'd be hard-pressed to come up with something other than time just flew by.  Truly, my brain tells me  I still feel like a college freshman, but  it has actually been 33 years since I earned my degree from the University of South Dakota

Living the Dream

By Cammie Winston on 1/3/2013 , in category Blog
It was a few days before Christmas when I received a text message from my  17-year old niece Sarah, who lives in my home state of South Dakota. 

"Recognize anyone?" , her straight-to-the-point message asked. 
I could actually hear her voice in my head as I read her words.

The attached photo was a snapshot of a photo which appeared to be tacked to a corkboard.  The black and white photo had curling edges from the passing of time and showed a grouping of young people with fresh and eager faces,  dressed in attire that was clearly from the 1970's. 

Wait a minute.  This photo looked very familiar.  I squinted my eyes to help squeeze out the memory.   Oh my!  There I was, near the front row, far left.  I hardly recognized my 17-year-old self with my 54 year-old eyes. How could Sarah see that the young girl in the photo was her middle-aged aunt?  What was even more amazing was that this photo----taken 37 years ago-----was on display right now on the vocational school's corkboard.  It... was..... just......there.  No explanation.  No description of who, what, when, where and why.  This photo was taken from a much-earlier generation. From my youth.

Here's a great holiday gift idea....Voiceover Gift Certificates!

By Cammie Winston on 12/3/2012 , in category Blog
IMG 1543a

A voiceover gift certificate is the perfect gift for that special someone on your list that has been talking about getting into the voiceover business....perhaps even you!  Training sessions are held in my home recording studio just north of Sacramento, CA and are 90 minutes long each.  Each lesson is packed with info designed to get you on track to starting  your very own voiceover business.  Now through December 31 save $10 per lesson on all gift certifcates!  Give the gift that opens the door to a new and exciting venture that is fun and can be lucrative.   Contact me at to purchase your gift certifcates today.

A Few Thoughts on the Business of Voiceover

By Cammie Winston on 10/28/2012 , in category Blog
There is something about autumn that puts me in a reflective mood.  The crisp air, the falling leaves, the weekend trips to Apple Hill, makes me realize that soon 2012 will be history.   I'll be sad to see it go.  I like years that end in even numbers.  I like years in which everyone I love stays healthy----and everyone did in 2012.  I like years where I can swim outdoors for 7 months straight and I was able to do that in 2012.  This has also been the year in which I taught voiceover to more people than ever in my career.

Since the economy tanked, more of us are looking for new ways to earn a few extra bucks.  Diversifying our skillsets gives us more options in earning a few bucks.  Many people tell me that voiceover is something they have always wanted to do.  Others tell me that voiceover is on their "bucket list". 

I understand the appeal.  The voiceover busines is an intriguing business.  In some ways, it has a "Hollywood" mystique to it.  

Marketing Strategies for your Voiceover Businesss

By Cammie Winston on 9/23/2012 , in category Blog
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Two seats are still available for this Saturday's Marketing your Voiceover Business workshop. Please call Cammie directly at 916-956-2466 to reserve your seat. This is the last scheduled workshop for 2012!

Learn the strategies and techniques that will help grow voiceover business and ultimately, book more paying gigs. Other topics we'll cover:

Developing your own unique brand
Where to find the jobs
How to price your work
Common marketing mistakes that cost you money
What producers want to hear in your demo
How to develop confidence to effectively sell yourself

This is the last scheduled voiceover workshop of 2012.  Price:  $125.00 and it includes all materials.
I'd love to have you join us and learn how to earn more in the competitive business of voiceover.

Please contact Cammie to reserve your seats: or (916) 956-2466

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