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Voiceover News June2011

By Cammie Winston on 5/30/2011 , in category Blog
Yes, it's been awhile since you've heard from me.   Please know I am not ignoring you and yes, I'm still teaching and coaching voiceover.   When it gets really busy around here I must run my business like a hospital's Emergency Room Triage: whatever or whomever is bleeding gets worked on first. Tight time deadlines on projects forced me to put the voiceover newsletter on the  back burner.  Fortunately, today is relatively quiet and so YOU are my top priority and there is much to share in the wonderful world of voiceover!
In this edition of Voiceover News we'll discuss:
  • What's new at Voiceovers International?
  • What kind of money can be made in voiceovers?
  • Help!  I've stumbled and can't find my motivation!
  • Voiceover Training Options
What's New at Voiceovers International
It's now been over a year since Jim and I moved out of our midtown Sacramento office and while I miss the groovy vibe of the artsy midtown district, working out of my home studio in Plumas Lake has been FABULOUS.  If there is a perfect home-based business, voiceover is IT!  I still am teaching and coaching voiceovers out of my home studio.  My 12-year old cat Wilma really enjoys meeting new people and loves joining  the sessions.  Come on up and see us! 
Signs of an improving economy: new clients I've signed on this year include an ad agency in Seattle specializing in infomercials.  If you're an insomniac please let me know if you hear my voice on TV.  Additionally, "How To"  instructional narrations are  on the upswing and any and everything to do with education is providing plenty of narration voiceover work.  If you speak Spanish fluently, there is definitely a need for your voice, as I'm discovering by the number of inquires I get weekly.  I continue to see the industry grow and branch out in NEW areas! 
Coming this summer:  a NEW and IMPROVED website.  The plan is to add more detailed resource info, a Click to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter  and a feature page for YOU,  to showcase your voice demos!  This newsletter will also be retooled, revamped and should look like a million bucks.  I'll keep you posted!
 Is there money in Voiceovers?
A new report published by reveals that the voice and speech industry continues to grow and is currently valued at $12.3 Billion!  The 2010 Report on the Voice Over Industry is published, highlighting three growing fields in the entertainment industry; audiobooks, mobile gaming and podcasting.
From mobile Internet to radio that you can listen to anytime, anywhere and with audiobooks available for download at the touch of a button on revolutionary mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and now the newest Apple product, the iPad, the prospects for working voice actors has never been so bright.
Help!  I've stumbled and can't find my motivation!
It happens to all of us at one time or another.  We start out on a new venture (like a voiceover career) full speed ahead, ready to set the world on fire.  And, then we don't.  The next thing we know, six months, a year---or more----flies by and we no longer keep the Yeti or Snowball plugged in the computer.  Heck, you don't even know where your microphone is. 
Here's a book that'll help you get back on track.  It's for creative types----like voiceover people----who at one time, really, really, really, really wanted to build a freelance career.  And then stopped trying.  Don't beat yourself up any longer!  Find a copy of this book, read it and your motivation will come back.  I want you to come back!
IGNORE EVERYBODY And 39 Other Keys to Creativity
By Hugh MacLeod
"Hugh's book will kick your ass and push you out of your zone of mediocrity and stagnation."  ----Guy Kawasaki, cofounder of and author of Reality Check.
Voiceover Training Options
Curious about the voicever business?  Voiceover 101 is a 90 minute private session in which you'll learn everything you need to know about starting a voiceover career including the skills you must develop to be competitive, the tools you'll need, where to find the jobs, what kind of money you can earn and also includes a vocal analysis of yoru current level of skill.  This session is taught out of my home studio and is priced at $100.00.  By reservation only at 916-956-2466
Summer Voiceover Training SPECIAL OFFER!
SIX 90 minute private voiceover sessions for $500.00.    Save a HUNDRED BUCKS off the regular price!  Must be purchased by July 31, 2011 but can be used through September 2011.
Need a Voiceover Tune-Up?
Feeling rusty?  Individual coaching sessions will get you back on track and load you up with new practice materials, too.  90-minutes for $100.00. 
That's it for now!  Check in and say HI....and enjoy your summer!
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