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Happy New Year! Let's get into Voiceovers!

By Cammie Winston on 12/30/2011 , in category Blog

We just flipped the calendar over to 2012 and I love that nice feeling of getting to start all over again with a clean slate.  A fresh new year is ahead of us and I'm optimistic that it will be a good one.  There have been some optimistic signs in the economy and in my state of Calfornia, which has been hit especially hard, we're starting to see an uptick, as well.  

 Thank you for stopping by my wehsite, by the way. My name is Cammie and I thought it would be nice to personally check in and tell you how much I appreciate your visit.  I enjoy your emails and working with many of you, either as voiceover clients or as voiceover students.  All of the wonderful people I meet are the riches of my life.

One thing that I have learned from you is that there is a lot of curiosity about voiceovers.   I have been in the voiceover business since I was in college, which was back in the late 70's.  Ouch!  Fortunately, age is not a discriminating factor for doing voiceover work, thankfully. Isn't that good news for all of us?

Voiceover is my fulltime business and my clients literally span the globe.  No two days are alike although a lot of days start very early, thanks to the 3-hour time difference between the east and west coasts.  I'm not complaining, though.  Doing voiceovers from the comfort of my own home means I can go to work in my jammies and slippers.

All of the curiosity about voiceovers leads to a lot of questions.  Do I work in Hollywood?  Do I have an agent?  Does a limo pick me up and drive me to Universal Studios?  Do I know George Clooney?  The answers to these questions are:  No, no, no and no.

 In actuality, I work from my home studio, just outside Sacramento, California. I rarely need to drive anywhere but when I do, I drive my 2005 Toyota 4-Runner.  The closest I've been to George Clooney was when I went to the movie theater in Livermore to see him in The Descendents.

I'm social but love solitude.  I'm open and friendly but competitve.  I like to work hard but I like to play even more.  And I do play  everyday.  Ski. Kayak. Garden. Camp.  Read. Hike. Bike. Bake sourdough bread.  Drink good wine.   Hang with my husband Jeff.  Life is good!

Voiceover is one of those rare businesses in which it's enjoyable, creative work  and you can earn a living at it.  Life is too short to not enjoy your work, don't you think?

 If 2012 is your year to take that step into voiceovers I say GO FOR IT!  Take a class or workshop and find out if this is what you've been looking for.

There are literally dozens of companies and individuals around the country that office voiceover classes, one-on-one coaching and speciality voiceover workshops.

Shop around and find someone you feel comfortable with.  A voiceover coach is someone you should like, have respect for and someone that knows how to teach.  Ask a lot of questions.  Personally, I would want a coach that does voiceovers fulltime for their living.  These are the people that know what it's really like and the ones that keep up with the trends.

 Of course, if you live in  the Sacramento area, central CA, Northern CA or the San Francisco Bay Area, I would be happy to talk with you and discuss voiceover training from my home studio, which is nicely equipped with the latest recording equipment.  Sessions are booked at your convenience, 5 days a week.  Check out my menu of voiceover services from the tab on top of the page.


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