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Ready to produce your first voice demo? Here's how to start!

By Cammie Winston on 12/30/2008 , in category Blog

Lately we've been getting calls at the office from aspiring voiceover artists asking us:


"Am I ready to get my voice demo produced?"

And though we know many of you very well and have been working with you in workshops and individual coaching for a while now, we cannot tell you when you are ready to take the big step of getting your first professional voice demo produced. Sorry.

What we do know is that you do need to feel ready. The confidence in yourself must be there. You'll know when you are ready. And you won't need someone to tell you.

Keep in mind that you must be ready to compete with other voiceover artists who have been doing this type of work for a long time. But, don't let that discourage you....fresh new, skilled talent is always in demand.

Train hard!  Train to stand out!  Train to impress!




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