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How To Break Into the Voiceover Business

By Cammie Winston on 3/5/2011 , in category Blog

The voiceover business sure has come a long way since I broke into the biz, which are  more years ago than I care to admit.  Back in my day it was all about promoting youself to the local production houses and ad agencies in hopes that you could, with time and perseverance, break into the 'good old boys club' and develop a steady stream of paying customers.

It wasn't easy.

Today the business runs in a completely different way and we all must thank the world wide web for opening  up the voiceover business to well, the whole wide world!  

It still isn't easy.   But it certainly isn't impossible.  And it is definitely worth it for those who  train to compete.  The money can be very, very good!

The voiceover business has been very good to me and I continue to earn my living behind the microphone after more than 30 years in the voiceover industry.  I have learned a lot, feel very blessed and am at the point in my life where I want to pay it forward and share my years of experience with those who are intrigued, interested or want to learn more about starting a voiceover business.

 Intro to Voiceover is a 90 minute private coaching session in which you will learn how to start your own voiceover business, learn what equipment you'll need, what skills you'll need to develop, how to find the jobs, what kind of money you can make PLUS you'll also get time behind the mic reading copy along with analysis of your current level of skill. 

Price is $100.00 and includes a folder filled with everything you need to know about getting started in the voiceover business along with practice copy.

Sessions are taught in my home studio, just north of Sacramento, and are by reservation only.  

Please send me an email at for more information or call  (916) 956-2466 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (916) 956-2466      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

If you are curious about what it takes to make money in voiceovers this is the class to take!









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