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How to Make a Living in Voiceovers

By Cammie Winston on 2/13/2012 , in category Blog

There has been an explosion of interest in the voiceover industry over the past few years.    Voiceover seems glamorous and lucrative. Voiceover appears to be an easy way to bring in a little extra cash in today's shaky economic climate.

Many changes in the voiceover industry in just the past five years have fueled the excitement for voiceovers.

It just seems so easy to start a voiceover business!

Now, pay attention, because this is the most important thing to know about starting a voiceover business: you must invest in professional voiceover training in order to be competitive and actually win paying auditions.

 The art of a professional voiceover is your ability to get people to listen. 

 If you have kids you understand what I'm talking about.  If you've ever been held hostage in a boring lecture, meeting or cornered by the next door neighbor you understand how easy it is to zone out when someone is blabbing away.   Grabbing someone's attention----and holding it------takes special skills.  

These voiceovers skills can be learned through professional training and practice and if you have a true passion for voiceover you will find that the training will enrich your life in more ways than one.  Voiceover training develops inner confidence, builds your public speaking skills, nurtures your creative side and helps grow your self-esteem. 

My love affair with voiceover has lasted over 30 years.  It's been my sole income for the past 10 and I am grateful to work in this industry that provides a good living, introduces me to amazing people all over the world and makes me so very happy....every day!

As you can now summarize,  the key to making a living in voiceover is in the training.  Raw talent is what brings you into the business. Training is taking your raw talent and developing it into the skills that will help you be competitive and win the jobs that pay the bills.  Successful voiceover careers are built over time.  Be patient and willing to put in the time necessary in order to become competitive.  

Because of the blessings in my voiceover career  I have a strong desire to share what I've learned through the years and show aspiring voiceover talent how to build and grow a successful voiceover business today.  Life is good in voiceover and I want to pay it forward!

I teach out of my home studio, just outside Sacramento, Calfornia and my students come from all over the area including Lake Tahoe, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley and all points in-between.  Training is custom tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. 

 Here's a menu of my voiceover services:

Voiceover 101

This one-on-one 90-minute session is designed to give you a very good idea of what the voiceover industry is all about.  We'll cover the skills you must develop, the equipment you'll need, how and where to find the jobs and much more.  You'll also get 30 minutes behind the mic reading a variety of commercial copy along with an analysis of your current level of skill.  You'll go home with a greater understanding of the voiceover busines, a folder filled with info and practice copy and an audio download of the day's recordings.

$100.00, by appointment

Voiceover Coaching

After Voiceover 101, training sessions are designed to develop your skills, your confidence and your ability to compete with the pros----and win paying jobs.  Each session is 90 minutes in length, with at least 60 minutes of that time spent behind the mic!  

Each session includes a specific lesson, practice exercises and a stack of fresh practice copy.  Audio downloads of the day's recordings are also available to listen to your work afterwards.  You'll hear the growth from lesson to lesson.

 Ultimately, you train to become a versatile voiceover artist and produce your most important tool:  your voiceover demo.

$100.0o per 90 minute session, by appointment

Purchase six lessons for $500.00 and SAVE!

Email Voiceover Training

A great option if you've had a few lessons and have your home studio.  Get practice developing your technical skills and interpretation written vocal direction. 

Email training goes for 4 weeks, with a new lesson sent at the beginning of each week.  Recieve a written critique for each week's lesson.

Price is $125.00, per 4 week period.  May start at any time.

Voiceover Demo Services

A must-have for the professional voiceover artist!  

Priced at $100.00 per hour, including recording and finished production.  Most demos are produced between $500.00 and $800.00.


Voiceover Marketing 101

You've trained, you produced your demo.  Now what?  Marketing 101 helps you develop a plan that puts you on the road to building your successful voiceover career.

Price is $100.00 per 90 minute session


Call Cammie at (916) 956-2466 or email at:

 for more details or to sign up for a session.

It's all upwards from here!

 May 2012 be your year....









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