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Cammie Winston

Welcome to my little corner of the world near Sacramento, California.  Life is good and sometimes crazy and you'll hear all about it here.

Getting into the Voiceover Business in 2014

Posted 1/1/2014 , in category Blog
It's the first day of 2014 and part of my unofficial New Year's tradition is to look back at the previous year to help me come up with my plan for the new year. What did I like about the year?  Daily swims.  Long bike rides.  Day trips to the coast. A cross country trip to my home state of South Dakota in June. A trip to our favorite tropical  getaway, the Florida Keys, in July.  Getting together with friends and family on a regular basis, cooking great meals, baking homemade sourdough bread and trying new wines rounded out a very good year.  As far as what I didn't like, I'd be hard-pressed to come up with something other than time just flew by.  Truly, my brain tells me  I still feel like a college freshman, but  it has actually been 33 years since I earned my degree from the University of South Dakota

Living the Dream

Posted 1/3/2013 , in category Blog
It was a few days before Christmas when I received a text message from my  17-year old niece Sarah, who lives in my home state of South Dakota. 

"Recognize anyone?" , her straight-to-the-point message asked. 
I could actually hear her voice in my head as I read her words.

The attached photo was a snapshot of a photo which appeared to be tacked to a corkboard.  The black and white photo had curling edges from the passing of time and showed a grouping of young people with fresh and eager faces,  dressed in attire that was clearly from the 1970's. 

Wait a minute.  This photo looked very familiar.  I squinted my eyes to help squeeze out the memory.   Oh my!  There I was, near the front row, far left.  I hardly recognized my 17-year-old self with my 54 year-old eyes. How could Sarah see that the young girl in the photo was her middle-aged aunt?  What was even more amazing was that this photo----taken 37 years ago-----was on display right now on the vocational school's corkboard.  It... was..... just......there.  No explanation.  No description of who, what, when, where and why.  This photo was taken from a much-earlier generation. From my youth.

IMG 1543a

A voiceover gift certificate is the perfect gift for that special someone on your list that has been talking about getting into the voiceover business....perhaps even you!  Training sessions are held in my home recording studio just north of Sacramento, CA and are 90 minutes long each.  Each lesson is packed with info designed to get you on track to starting  your very own voiceover business.  Now through December 31 save $10 per lesson on all gift certifcates!  Give the gift that opens the door to a new and exciting venture that is fun and can be lucrative.   Contact me at to purchase your gift certifcates today.

A Few Thoughts on the Business of Voiceover

Posted 10/28/2012 , in category Blog
There is something about autumn that puts me in a reflective mood.  The crisp air, the falling leaves, the weekend trips to Apple Hill, makes me realize that soon 2012 will be history.   I'll be sad to see it go.  I like years that end in even numbers.  I like years in which everyone I love stays healthy----and everyone did in 2012.  I like years where I can swim outdoors for 7 months straight and I was able to do that in 2012.  This has also been the year in which I taught voiceover to more people than ever in my career.

Since the economy tanked, more of us are looking for new ways to earn a few extra bucks.  Diversifying our skillsets gives us more options in earning a few bucks.  Many people tell me that voiceover is something they have always wanted to do.  Others tell me that voiceover is on their "bucket list". 

I understand the appeal.  The voiceover busines is an intriguing business.  In some ways, it has a "Hollywood" mystique to it.  
MicPic copy copy copy

Two seats are still available for this Saturday's Marketing your Voiceover Business workshop. Please call Cammie directly at 916-956-2466 to reserve your seat. This is the last scheduled workshop for 2012!

Learn the strategies and techniques that will help grow voiceover business and ultimately, book more paying gigs. Other topics we'll cover:

Developing your own unique brand
Where to find the jobs
How to price your work
Common marketing mistakes that cost you money
What producers want to hear in your demo
How to develop confidence to effectively sell yourself

This is the last scheduled voiceover workshop of 2012.  Price:  $125.00 and it includes all materials.
I'd love to have you join us and learn how to earn more in the competitive business of voiceover.

Please contact Cammie to reserve your seats: or (916) 956-2466

New to voiceover?  Please read about my private one-on-one voiceover training sessions on the home page under Services.

GROW YOUR level of skill and be competitive in voiceover.  If you have the skills to compete, you can make money in the world of voiceover!

New for 2009......FREE voiceover labs! This is a great opportunity to increase your level of skill behind the mic. Check the schedule for dates. We are also offering NEW advanced workshops in 2009. There's something for everyone and every skill level.


1. Step Up To The Mic! Learn everything you need to know about the recording studio and studio etiquette, the various mics you'll use in voiceovers and the importance of proper breath control. You'll also get time behind the mic to try out the microphones and record a couple pieces of copy. And, you'll be able to download what you record during the workshop off the internet to listen to at home.

2. Acting in Voiceovers: Developing your acting skills is imperative to your success as a voiceover artist. Plus, it is a lot of FUN! You'll learn how to "get out of your box" and lose your inhibitions to be able to adapt your delivery to a variety of vocal styles. We'll team you up with other voiceover artists to "voice act" in 4 dialogue commercials. And later you'll be able to download your recordings off the internet to play for your family and friends!

3. The Business of Voicevers: This workshop is designed to give you a look into the real working world of a voiceover professional. What does it take to make it? How do you find the work? How much money can you make? These questions and more will be answered in this 3-hour workshop which also give you time to read copy behind the mic along with professional analysis of your growing skills



Discover Your Money Voice: In today's voiceover world there are so many different styles and types of voice work. Narrations. Long Form Technical Narrations. Radio and TV commercials. Radio and TV Image Liners and Promos. Movie Trailers. Audio Books. Video Games. Telephone IVR. The possibilites of voiceover jobs is endless! So, what are your vocal strengths? In this workshop you'll have the opportunity to record a variety of different scripts in order to analyze what your strengths are and to ultimately discover your money voice! $75.00

Develop Your Internal Time Clock: Time is money and that is especially true in voiceovers. Getting the timing correct while still adding personality and energy to your delivery is a skill that must be mastered. We'll bring out the stopwatch for this workshop as you develop your sense of time reading a variety of tags, donuts and commercials. $75.00

Nailing the Read: Taking direction is one of the most important skills a voiceover artist must develop and in this workshop you'll fine tune your voiceover skills by learning how to interpret what the director wants....and most importantly, learn how to deliver it!

The IVR and MOH Phone Voice Industry: There are many voiceover artists that specialize just in phone recordings. Why? Because there is a LOT of work available in phone messaging including IVR (Interactive Voice Response), phone prompts, messages on-hold and recorded automated attendant are just a few of the ways in which your voice can be used on the phone. Learn the skills you need, practice recording some phone scripts and get the inside scoop on how to find the work in this lucrative voiceover niche. $75.00

How to Build Your Own Home Recording Studio including Basic Audio Editing: Today voiceover jobs can easily be found on the Internet and because of it it's feasible to develop a worldwide clientele without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! The professional recording studio of today is easy to put together and extremely affordable, too. Our audio engineer extraordinaire, Jim Naylor, will lead this informative workshop and show you how to build a quality home studio on a budget so you can start making money doing voiceovers from home. $75.00

Marketing Your Voiceover Career: It takes more than a great voice and a stellar voice demo to get work in this highly competitive business. Marketing is integral to your success as a voiceover artist and in this 3-hour workshop we'll show you how to write your marketing plan, give you tips on how to find the work and show you ways to stand out in the crowd. Be sure to take this workshop before you produce your voice demo! $75.00


Preparing For Your First Voice Demo: When you feel you're ready to take the next step towards having your very own voice demo produced this workshop will help you prepare by pinpointing your strengths, highlighting areas to work on and pushing you to be your very best. $75.00

!!!**NEW**!!! Tightening the Nuts and Bolts in Your Vocal Delivery Part I : You'll learn the 12 Steps to Voiceover Success in this skills-intensive workshop. It's the subtle nuances in your voice that brings copy to life and makes your delivery unique. In this workshop we'll concentrate on phrasing, emphasis, energy levels, pitch, tempo and volume variances. You'll be impressed on how your vocal performance will dramatically improve when you incorporate these proven techniques into your delivery. $75.00

!!!**NEW**!! Tightening the Nuts and Bolts in Your Vocal Delivery II: Becoming a Versatile Voiceover Artist: The in-demand voiceover artists are the ones who are versatile and flexible in their vocal skills. They are the ones who can make minor changes to their delivery to please even the pickiest directors. The ones who can make boring copy sound fascinating. The ones who can read one sentence 5 different ways....and be able to do it RIGHT NOW. The ones who can read a piece of copy to appeal to a 30 year old and then read it totally different to appeal to a 50 year old. This workshop is for those of you who are ready to really challenge yourself and to be pushed out of your comfort zone. If you have at least 5 workshops under your belt.....this one is for you! $75.00

!!!**NEW**!!! The Wonderful World of Narrations: We've briefly touched on narrations in other workshops but since there is so much voiceover work in narrations we feel it's important to really dig deeper. In this workshop you'll read 2 and 3 minute narrations, whereas in other workshops we'd read 30 to 40 second narrations. We'll offer a variety of scripts for you to work with from easy-going documentaries to long-form technical narrations. Also, we limit the size of the class to 4 participants to make sure everyone has time to read at least 3 long-form pieces of work. $100.00

!!!**NEW**!!! Advanced Acting in Voiceovers: By popular demand, this advanced acting workshop focuses on in-depth character development to create believable voice acting scenarios. A great opportunity to work with other voice actors and grow your level of skill.


!!!**NEW**!!! Microphone Mileage Voiceover Lab: Our basic philosophy on voiceovers is that you must practice your voiceover skills.....BEHIND A MICROPHONE.......AND WITH grow your level of skill and to be able to compete for paying jobs. Thus, our NEW Microphone Mileage Voiceover Labs are all about YOU behing the mic recording. Bring your own copy or download copy from our website and then you'll record, record, much as we can fit in 3 hours. Plus, you'll be able to download your recordings off the internet after class to listen to at your convenience. Microphone Mileage Voiceover Labs will be offered monthly (with NEW copy available every month): . Limited to 8 participants. FREE for all who have taken the Introductory Module of workshops!

I am happy to announce that I'm teaming up with Ray Nakamoto this summer to offer a full schedule of exciting voiceover training options for you.  Whether you are new to the business or have a few classes under your belt and are looking to jumpstart your voiceover career, we have something for everyone.

 All events are by reservation only and seated is limited.  Please call me at 916-956-2466 or email at to reserve your seat.

 Here's what's coming up this summer......

April 8, 2011

If being a voiceover artist is a dream of yours, a good place to start is with putting together a home recording studio.  And, you'll be suprised at how affordable it can be!  Jim Naylor, my colleague, KFBK news anchor and recording studio engineer extraordinaire, will be hosting a 3-hour  studio class that will cover the equipment you'll need to do voiceover work from home, the various microphones used in voiceover, how to sound-proof a room and l the basics in digital audio editing.  You'll learn how to put together a stellar-sounding recording studio and where to buy the equipment where you'll get the most bang for your buck!  This class is limited to FOUR if you're interested, please call Jim today!


How to Put Together a Home Recording Studio

Saturday, April 23rd

9 AM to 12 noon

Naylor Audio Productions

McClellan Business Park (off Watt Avenue)

Sacramento  (Jim will give directons)

Price:  $100.00

Please call Jim at 916 747-7747  to reserve your seat!


More training options.......................


Individual Voiceover Coaching Sessions

90 minute sessions for $100.00 (10% discount with the purchase of 5 lessons)

Scheduled at your convenience

Intensive work behind the mic.  Intensive growth!  Gets you ready to compete sooner.

Taught out of Cammie's home studio.  Call 916 956-2466 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            916 956-2466      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Email Voiceover Training

If you already have a home recording studio AND have the Voiceover 101 class under your belt then you are a good candidate for training via email!

Great practice using your recording equipment.  Great practice in editing and sending mp3 files.  Sharpens your auditioning skills.

Lessons and scripts sent weekly covering a vast variety of voiceover genres.  Receive  coaching lessons weekly.  VERY reasonably priced at $25.00 per week, per 4-week commitment.

Call Cammie at 916 956-2466 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            916 956-2466      end_of_the_skype_highlighting for info or to sign up. 


Need your feedback.........

Interested in  an Intermediate Voiceover Skills workshop?   This would be designed to sharpen your skills, discover your "money voice" and spend considerably MORE time behind the mic.  Small group workshop, 6 participants-max, and 3 hours in length.

Let me know if this is something YOU would be interested in attending.  If we get enough interest we'll schedule it within the next six weeks.

Voiceover News Tidbits

Posted 4/17/2011 , in category Blog

Are you LinkedIn?  Joining LinkedIn is free online and it can help you build your voiceover career and get paying voiceover jobs, as I discovered last week. I am now voicing a series of educational narrations for a company website.  LinkedIn can help you build your business!

Another online resource that has delivered some nice paying voiceover jobs is Craigslist.  Believe it or not, I voiced a series of Surfing Videos a few years back when I answered a Craigslist ad that a producer in Hawaii posted.  Yes, it's crazy that a middle-aged grandma was the voice of surfer videos, but voiceover IS a crazy business.  You just never know, if you don't put yourself out there!

Our Cool Pool

Posted 5/14/2008 , in category Blog
Last October my husband Jeff and I decided to bite the bullet and put in the pool we've always wanted. Living in the Sacramento, California region means that a pool is almost mandatory for survivial. This is one blazin' HOT area. A comfortable day in July is 95 degrees. We don't even consider it hot until it reaches 105.

The hole was dug in November and it was an interesting process to watch. By mid-January our dream pool, with a flagstone wall and neato water feature was done. And, we were excited to try it out. The problem was that the pool temperature was 46 degrees.

We figured that by the time the pool reached 60 degrees certainly it would be warm enough to take a maiden swim. When the pool hit that 60 degree mark in early March we were disappointed to learn that 60 degrees, while warmer than the original 46, still wasn't swimmable.

Soon we became obsessed with the watching of the pool temperature gauge. I'd call home from the office and instead of asking Jeff how he was, the first thing out of my mouth would be "have you checked the temperature of the pool?"

Our first "official swimmers" were my best friend Sheri's kids: Matt and Jamie. It was April 1st and I believe the pool temp was around 68 degrees. (Yes, real April fools!) They're from Seattle so that temperature probably felt balmy to them. To us Californians: it was still too cold.

I forgot to write down on the calendar the first day I actually went "all the way in" but I believe it was around April 15th and the pool temp was about 76 degrees. Still too cold for Jeff, though. His ideal pool temp is 90 degrees. He became spoiled on "hot water swimming" in the Florida Keys.

Jeff wants our pool to be exactly like the Florida Keys. We even put spotted eagle ray tiles in the bottom of the pool to mimic a tropical oasis. And, he put enough solar panels on our roof that they could film National Lampoon's Florida Keys Vacation right in our backyard.

Today, which is Mother's Day, the pool temp got up to 84 degrees......which is perfect as far as I'm concerned. Jeff said it is still cool. But, he did get in......although VERY SLOWLY.

So, here's to summer.....and our cool pool!


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