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Can I make a living doing voiceovers?

Voice-o-ver  [vois-oh-ver] 
Noun. Movies. Television. Radio.

  1. The voice of an offscreen narrator, announcer or the like.
  2. any offscreen voice, as that of a character in a narrative.


Voiceover is such an interesting, creative and curious business.  And while the internet has made access to information about voiceover easier, it can also be confusing, misleading and frankly, expensive.

The straight, honest and very simple answer is that yes, it is possible to earn a living as a voiceover artist.  Voiceover is my fulltime business.  I work from my home studio, just 30 miles north of Sacramento, California, and over the years I have developed a client base from coast to coast and a few spots around the world.  It's a lifestyle that I cherish and wouldn't trade for anything. 

However, do keep in mind that the road to success in voiceover takes training, time and dedication.  Perseverance.  Tough skin.  Passion.  Patience.

And, everyone needs training.  Even if Uncle Frank told you that you have a great voice.  It's the skill behind the voice that helps you win paying gigs!

Voiceover has been a blessing in my life.  It is a great honor and privilege to share the wealth of knowledge I've accumulated throughout the years and provide training that will help you become successful in the very exciting field of voiceover.

Great things do happen in life.  We just have to take the risk! 

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